The Ruins (film)

Just some quick notes about the film while it’s being broadcasted on BBC1 right now.

Started watching from about halfway, how hard can it be to pick up the story line?

So the first thing I see is a girl causing the demise of a fellow traveller. She causes the locals to freak out and does nothing to remove herself or diffuse the situation. Guy tries to intervene/diffuse and gets an arrow to the chest and a headshot for his efforts. Girl still freaks out and does nothing to diffuse the situation.

Travellers run up the pyramid and a guy falls down into the pyramid and breaks his back.

Same girl goes back down the pyramid and Mayans don’t let her leave, she gets hysterical and throws some leaves which hit a local kid. Locals go nuts and headshot the boy, girl gets more hysterical and they go back up the pyramid.

The two girls go down the well to bring the guy with the broken back up the well. Guys reasoning is that they have the strength to winch them up. Then what happens is almost like a joke. The board for the guy to lie in is lowered and the girls actually pick up the guy causing him to bend his back several times before they lower him onto the board.

Just a general knowledge thing haven’t they seen enough happenings where the patient needs to be rolled onto the board not two skinny girls picking him up by either ends……….anyways moving on.

So they manage to winch the guy and girls back up and then the next morning they realise the plants are alive and crawling into them, for the broken back dude, actually eating away at his legs to the bone.

So after the girl who’s caused the demise of a a few people in the movie, she causes more grief after the girl with the plant inside her goes insane and accuses her of sleeping around which in turn causes the plants to stealthily sneak up on the broken back dude (who was conveniently placed near the moving plants which the other travellers saw already inch closer, but meh) and suffocate him.

Next morning the only medic experience person cuts open the infected girl and pulls out vines, but it’s too late and they’re still swirling around her.

This is now the last 5 minutes of the film.

Infected girl goes nuts from the vines and starts cutting herself up and the guys try to stop her, she cuts one and stabs the other in the chest. She then begs to be killed and the guy with a cut decides that just the girl should live while he creates a diversion.

So in 5 minutes the girl who has caused the demise of innocent people (kid and traveller trying to save her) gets away and drives off.

Ben Stiller as Exec Producer for this film……not sure if it was suppose to be a shot of black comedy, good gore and squeamish but …….cliché is cliché. You manage to kill off the rest of the main cast and leave one survivor, I guess she’s burden enough to stick to your mind rather than have a supporting character be the only survivor, because there is always only ever one survivor.


I wouldn’t watch it again…….thank goodness I only caught it halfway.


2 thoughts on “The Ruins (film)

    1. I believe Top 100 lists are made of 60% you have a set opinion of and 40% of notable mentions that is used to create the “Top 100” as oppose to “Top 67”. Also having a quick scan of the list of films in 2008, apart from the usual suspects of Saw and a load of Japanese horror remakes, I would say it’s deserved of its notable mentions.

      I do like the plot line of killer vines and rate the squeamish scenes of pulling them out of the body, (personally they almost mimic veins or tendons when all bloodied). I just found the film very cliche and predictable and it’s good for the nights of just mindless watching. 🙂

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