TVB When Heaven Burns Quick Review

As all TVB series come nowadays, it’s still slow, boring and littered with a flaky storyline and rubbish situations and unrealistic endings and weak morality drivel. But it’s not like i’m expecting much anyway, so moving on. Although the premise is different and TVB are treading over new ground with cannibalism and focus on “music is my life”…a rubbish take on it though. Contains spoilers and of course it’s just my opinion.

Nothing to complain about the acting, all lead actors hold their own with the dialogue and the background story they’ve been given. As with most modern TVB serials is supported by the regular supporting actors who are often more experienced that the lead or 2nd lead actors themselves. I’m surprised Kenny Wong got to play pretty much lead role here. Although I’m sure the storyline must have been changed drastically if it was Nick Cheung playing the role. But I look forward to Kenny being more in the spotlight for now he’s steady and can pull off the quiet sullen look eventhough his build looks pretty threatening.

Maggie is in such a horrible role for her though, she can do the acting but she looks better in strong woman roles. Charmaine’s character is just annoying. That is all. She is full of pain and hate at the start, sleeps around and then just hates all her friends but can’t move on and keeps helping them after they come back to her life.

Moses with his fake and ugly looking designs is shown as a womaniser and a total dick by marrying a rich girl for her money. Bowie is some herbivore guy who campaigns for workers rights. Kenny has a family but has a hereditary condition which will lead him to being blind in the near future.

So Charmaine meets up with the guys after 20 years and she still hates them for bringing back her then boyfriend. The guys meet up and for some unknown reason they all loved her then and they all still love her now eventhough they’re all married. Personally, the writers have not come up with a valid reason why Charmaine is the love of everyones life because from what I can see, there is nothing appealing about her in terms of character nor anything she has done for each of them.

When the kids were young they formed a band which then eventually split and Charmiane was just some kid who wishes to concentrate on music and leave all the worlds troubles and doesn’t want all her friends to become adults and have things such as “troubles” and “regrets” so she’s a modern day free spirit hippie. She works as a DJ host yabbering on about sombre topics and answering listeners about her morals of what happened and it should be no surprise that people get their comeuppance.

After everyone comes to terms that they ate their friend up in the snow mountains to survive. Bowie gets over it and starts to make up for lost time and goes badass and does everything he can to make money and please his bosses and take over an investment company. Moses on the other hand gets busted for marrying a rich girl to control the company turns good and goes back to playing music at a bar as he feels it’s his calling etc.  Kenny is stuck between the two trying to patch things between the friends while they both use him and his family to force Kenny to help them in their schemes. MEanwhile Charmaine is….Charmaine, she knows all this and goes about her business, her situation and story is boring, the guys schemes are much more interesting and always guessing “did he actually do it or did he set the other guy up?” was fun until you really don’t know at the end whether they really did kill the other person to set their friend up or just for their own benefit.

In the end Charmaine just talks about if people made different decision, in the end it turned out that Charmaine ignored her (dead) boyfriends pleas of if they reconciled their relationship, he won’t go on the doomed trip with the guys. So it’s still kinda her fault etc. Then the episode ends with “what if” lives of all the band members if the boyfriend was still alive etc.

Overall annoying situations:

– 80% scenes had little to no lighting, everything was by a lamp and dimmed lighting. Home, offices police stations, hospitals etc the only time they had lighting was the investment company and Kenny’s house to prove that he room was lit up and his eye sight was failing

– The continuous rubbish guitar rift that tvb insisted on repeating throughout the series and lasting for the last 5 mins of a given episode.

– Rubbish instrument playing that dragged on unecessary, it’s a serial not a concert i don’t need an extended crappy rendition of Beyonds songs.

– Anything with Charmaine’s character all hating on the guys and in general really, she sleeps around when married but all guys just can’t get enough of her for some reason

– Cloris, I’m not sure if it’s the actress or the script writer but everytime she speaks it’s to complain about something in a loud, monotonous whiny way, it’s like she has a constant attitude problem either with Bowie being all soft rice like or just the workers rights stuff


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