2013 24hr tv telethon T-shirts

Arguably Japans current national treasure Arashi (pop group pictured) are this years hosts for Japans yearly 24 hour live tv telethon.

Check out the wikipedia page if you want more information about what happens and what it’s aimed at.

Generally the main hosts are popular mainstream artists featuring various other celebrities doing various tasks around the nation to raise awareness. There’s a theme tied to the broadcast, for example a past theme was “future”, and hosts have gone around the nation asking various people what they look forward to.

Like any large charitable broadcast there are usually goods made to be sold. It finally leads me to the reason for this post. I’ve seen a few t-shirts made and their generally quiet plain or the picture isnt’ to my taste. But this years design has caught my attention becuase it is just full of detail.

It’s a collaboration of Yayoi Kasuma and Stoshi Ohno. Yayoi is an artist and writer who is probably mpore known for working with Louis Vuitton in 2011. Her input to the design is started off with the bold dots and bold colour use. Then Satoshi comes in with the line details that has sucked me into wanting to fly to Japan and buy one for myself in ALL the colours. Seriously detailed stuff because if you look closely on the front each large red dot has various designs drawn on and the back has little smaller hearts surrounding the red dotted group.

If you google for previous examples of the t-shirts you will be able to understand how much detail and effort that has gone into this design compared to previous versions.








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