HTC One X – Real world review

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Just thought I’d do a  “Real world” review of the mentioned phone. By Real World I mean how the phone is to use day to day rather than just looking at the specs and testing for 2 days. Why? because of reasons.

Packaging, cute little box bare minimum and with a white charger if you have the white version. Yay for all us people who want “different” things. Not to be confused with the sexy looking HTC One, or the HTC One X+.


Screen is a good size, larger than the narrow tall iphone and not the size of a mini tablet, such as the Samsung Galazy S3/4. Comfrotable enough to watch video clips and if you want to push it a few episodes of a series, any smaller and you’ll probably damage your sight. Body is a smoothed out pebble with a bit of grip on the casing. Feels well made enough… Not a big deal as you’ll be putting a case of somesort anyway thereby removing how thin it is or body material.

Fits well in the hand, slightly too big for your thumb to reach the top, so the double hand grip will be needed. Can fit into my jeans, I wear a size 12/14, but not into suit trousers and I wouldn’t advise the bulge it will make in your dress.

Battery Life

Important stuff this be. Overall….not good. Almost bordering on poor considering what functions you use. As a result i end up putting the phone on the dimmest setting. On a average day, it will go to about 40% and thats with calls and texts and the average social app use such as Facebook and Line messaging. But start playing games and using the camera then the battery will die in the next few hrs. E.g. I used it for this New Years party, by the time the fireworks had finished i was on 20%.

When playing games the battery also heats up very quickly, my app says about 41 degrees C. So then i take it as a hint to put it down and wait for my next round of Pokopang clovers.


We all know te pixels etc etc…. Main camera on the back, fabulous! And I mean great quality AND colour. Not an exaggeration. I mainly use my phone for pictures taking and socialising, (think more of a private memory/instagram for myself to view without the uploading). So this was one of the main reasons I chose this over the S3. The colours aren’t as washed out and the flash does enhance the picture rather than giving everyone a ghostly pale talcum powder sheen, aka S3/S4/iphone. Colours on the apple aren’t as vibrant either.

Bad thing though, pictures aren’t as good as the iphone if you take it in a dark setting without a flash. Good bye moody sultry pictures! Therefore, night club selfies? use the iphone for pictures. Out on the streets at night? room with lights on? day time? any other time, HTC One is better.

Leading to selfies, theres a camera on the front of this thing….but the camera is dipped in with the casing making a well cavity…….why?!!! therefore it traps dust and your selfies are murky and looking like dream in a forest instead of cute like this ====> v(^.^) (‘V’ pose for the uninitiated asian selfie)


Matter of preference really,  I prefered to scroll down for my gallery list rather than across on Samsung, and god forbid merge all my pictures in jus one “Pictures” folder, thank you iphone. At least HTC displays all my images via their app folder, Line, Whatsapp, Camera, Screenshots etc Sometimes I even get extra ones for the adverts! Although I prefer the previous version which listed the albums rather than giving them square icons of the last picture.

Still loving the availability of a back button too before anyone says otherwise. Not too sure of the Settings button hidden away in the top drop down menu, thats 2 clicks away rather than the one click when it was on the home screen.

Like having the quick shortcuts , when you drag the app icon into the ring, e.g camera icon into the HTC unlock ring. One step better is if I can view the previous shot as well without having to enter the passcode.

Finally, the possibility of doing a screen shot which was denied to me on my previous HTC and the usual ease of customising you don’ get on an iphone.

Doesn’t crash, only gripe is when tweeting sometimes it’s stuck on an infinite loop(sending….mode) and I just kill it in the task manager. Also the G+ that came with the phone doesnt’ actually work, and when I update it gives me another version…please either replace it or don’t add it into the bundle, thanks. Probably the only phone that I don’t download many utility apps for as it’s own pre installed stuff is good enouhg. Weather, keyboard, calendar, widget options date and time displaying etc


Love the phone, as not many people have it. =p

Battery life is poor, but nothing that can’t be solved with an external battery pack that I bought in HK. Gives me one whole new charge. HTC would have been better off with allowing a removable battery/SD card, but then it would probably sacrifice the interesting material used for the casing.

Woul love a HTC One, but for now this will do. =) xXx


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