Monsoon Silka Shoe

Picture credit

Monsoon shos to wear with either bridal dress or bridesmaid as I have.

Gorgeous colour and good height if you’re just a shy few inches from 5′ 9!

However…they are terribly made as I wore them for one day for a wedding in the afternoon. By the evening they have given way so much they are falling off my feet! I thought it was just my foot shrinking or swelling etc. By next day on closer inspection I can stick my thumb easily in the back and they are still too loose, and fall off my feet when tried in the morning and evening. As much as I know about the swelling of feet and shoes giving way to wear and tear….one day must be a record time for shoes to have relaxed so much they are now too dangerous to wear at that height and have to be dragged around like flip flops.

When taken back to Monsoon, I was told that wear and tear is natural and not considered as a fault. As far as I’m concerned the Sales of Goods Act state they should have a certain amount of durability. One day is hardly “natural wear and tear” nor lifetime of a shoe!

Have taken the issue to Head Office……..


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