Modalu Phoebe Medium Bag

This little gem caught my eye as I am a sucker for Duck egg/mint green.

Modalu, who are known for their staple Pippa bags, have brought in more youthful designs and colours, yet still keeping true to their safe zone brand of classic designs which will last for years to come. (anyone remember that ghastly fuschia pink?)

From their previous offerings, their target audience seemed to be the working woman in mid career path. Hence the roomy and practical Pippa bags with several compartments and sizes and price tag. Along with the colour spectrum they have added more size ranges for those of a different income. The Phoebe alone comes in three sizes.

Modalu Pheop Grab

I chose this bag in particular out of their current collection as it reminded me alot of the Fiorelli grab I own. Both a good size to hold all essentials and divided into compartments for the organised amongst us. Many grab bags are barely bigger than a clutch so when the Fiorelli grab came out it was a breath of fresh air for a good small/medium sized day to day bag. The Phoebe reminded me of this as it’s a little longer than the Fiorelli which makes it’s just a bit roomier and good to just throw things in when you’re on the go and not playing handbag tetris. Also similar to the Fiorelli brand, the Modalu I would always associate with lady in mid career path and nothing moving past the tan and black dark colour swatches.

Shame I already have mine and not really looking to buy anything similar yet. If this was released earlier it may have been a contender, but the fact it doesn’t have drop handles is a shame. The price is just a bit steep for one without drop handles (IMO, I know alot of ladies are OK with it) which is one of my preferences on a grab bag.

But after seeing the direction Modalu may be taking with their designs and choice of colours, I will be keeping an eye out for their future collections.

Worth It

If you haven’t got a grab bag

If you don’t mind no drop handles

If you’re sure you won’t be buying another grab bag for at least a year or two


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