7 – 11 Hong Kong Jul – Aug 2017

Hmm not really feeling this periods toys, as much as I LOVE some Pixar films I’m not a huge fan of the super popular ones like ..Inside Out (actually forgot the name of this one…Sadness!! asdfae!;s so annoying), Cars etc

Here’s the link to the promo page~

Still a cool item and my love of practical  but totally consumer goods gets my vote! Reminds me of the good old Kellog’s cornflakes bowls they used to /still sometimes give away. ❤ But Kellogs FTW….

What do you think of these collectibles?


7 Eleven – Hong Kong

Love the collectables in Hong Kong 7 Eleven, here is whats available for 2017 January.

They usually let you collect stickers for a set period and then let you claim the items whilst the stickers are available and a little while after the stickers have stopped being issued. I’m guessing they have an influx of revenue everytime they launch a new collection…





Clothing collaborations…

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So far the only collaboration between clothing and image brands are UniQlo….and I only get Snoopy or girly prints. Although UniQlo also do many Mickey themed items….it’s only limited to to T-shirt prints….booo. UniQlo is also a Japanese brand so agan pushes that no Western clothing brands can convince image artists in the UK to collaborate and make uber cute wears.

The only brand doing this regularly recently, H&M….but really …….quality wise and design wise……..not cute, not flattering, not great quality…….whats the point? So you have Versace and Beyonce modelling/designing, if you can afford to sale your own brand items down to £1 heaven forbid what quality you are representing you’re brand as if items can still bring about a profit at that price.

Shame…..this Giordano x Mickey collection is oh so cute……wait for me Hong Kong, I believe some friends have already requested I bring this back for them. =D


Note to self the Converse Gorillaz editions were so tempting, but my purse was already in pain *pets*.