Modalu Phoebe Medium Bag

This little gem caught my eye as I am a sucker for Duck egg/mint green.

Modalu, who are known for their staple Pippa bags, have brought in more youthful designs and colours, yet still keeping true to their safe zone brand of classic designs which will last for years to come. (anyone remember that ghastly fuschia pink?)

From their previous offerings, their target audience seemed to be the working woman in mid career path. Hence the roomy and practical Pippa bags with several compartments and sizes and price tag. Along with the colour spectrum they have added more size ranges for those of a different income. The Phoebe alone comes in three sizes.

Modalu Pheop Grab

I chose this bag in particular out of their current collection as it reminded me alot of the Fiorelli grab I own. Both a good size to hold all essentials and divided into compartments for the organised amongst us. Many grab bags are barely bigger than a clutch so when the Fiorelli grab came out it was a breath of fresh air for a good small/medium sized day to day bag. The Phoebe reminded me of this as it’s a little longer than the Fiorelli which makes it’s just a bit roomier and good to just throw things in when you’re on the go and not playing handbag tetris. Also similar to the Fiorelli brand, the Modalu I would always associate with lady in mid career path and nothing moving past the tan and black dark colour swatches.

Shame I already have mine and not really looking to buy anything similar yet. If this was released earlier it may have been a contender, but the fact it doesn’t have drop handles is a shame. The price is just a bit steep for one without drop handles (IMO, I know alot of ladies are OK with it) which is one of my preferences on a grab bag.

But after seeing the direction Modalu may be taking with their designs and choice of colours, I will be keeping an eye out for their future collections.

Worth It

If you haven’t got a grab bag

If you don’t mind no drop handles

If you’re sure you won’t be buying another grab bag for at least a year or two


Warehouse Slinky dress

Just tried this on at John Lewis. I don’t think they even have it on their website!


Gorgeous deep forest green colour with baby pink lining (top half). Shell is made of acetate and gives off the slky sheen look.

Currently £70.

Even more sceptic view:

Not worth it

Too much money for not even a fully lined dress in a flimsy material.

Tailoring won’t fit/flatter anyone above a size 10

You will need to buy a stick on bra. Not even extenders will hide your straps from that chasm the dress leaves. So another £20-30 spend.

HTC One X – Real world review

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Just thought I’d do a  “Real world” review of the mentioned phone. By Real World I mean how the phone is to use day to day rather than just looking at the specs and testing for 2 days. Why? because of reasons.

Packaging, cute little box bare minimum and with a white charger if you have the white version. Yay for all us people who want “different” things. Not to be confused with the sexy looking HTC One, or the HTC One X+.


Screen is a good size, larger than the narrow tall iphone and not the size of a mini tablet, such as the Samsung Galazy S3/4. Comfrotable enough to watch video clips and if you want to push it a few episodes of a series, any smaller and you’ll probably damage your sight. Body is a smoothed out pebble with a bit of grip on the casing. Feels well made enough… Not a big deal as you’ll be putting a case of somesort anyway thereby removing how thin it is or body material.

Fits well in the hand, slightly too big for your thumb to reach the top, so the double hand grip will be needed. Can fit into my jeans, I wear a size 12/14, but not into suit trousers and I wouldn’t advise the bulge it will make in your dress.

Battery Life

Important stuff this be. Overall….not good. Almost bordering on poor considering what functions you use. As a result i end up putting the phone on the dimmest setting. On a average day, it will go to about 40% and thats with calls and texts and the average social app use such as Facebook and Line messaging. But start playing games and using the camera then the battery will die in the next few hrs. E.g. I used it for this New Years party, by the time the fireworks had finished i was on 20%.

When playing games the battery also heats up very quickly, my app says about 41 degrees C. So then i take it as a hint to put it down and wait for my next round of Pokopang clovers.


We all know te pixels etc etc…. Main camera on the back, fabulous! And I mean great quality AND colour. Not an exaggeration. I mainly use my phone for pictures taking and socialising, (think more of a private memory/instagram for myself to view without the uploading). So this was one of the main reasons I chose this over the S3. The colours aren’t as washed out and the flash does enhance the picture rather than giving everyone a ghostly pale talcum powder sheen, aka S3/S4/iphone. Colours on the apple aren’t as vibrant either.

Bad thing though, pictures aren’t as good as the iphone if you take it in a dark setting without a flash. Good bye moody sultry pictures! Therefore, night club selfies? use the iphone for pictures. Out on the streets at night? room with lights on? day time? any other time, HTC One is better.

Leading to selfies, theres a camera on the front of this thing….but the camera is dipped in with the casing making a well cavity…….why?!!! therefore it traps dust and your selfies are murky and looking like dream in a forest instead of cute like this ====> v(^.^) (‘V’ pose for the uninitiated asian selfie)


Matter of preference really,  I prefered to scroll down for my gallery list rather than across on Samsung, and god forbid merge all my pictures in jus one “Pictures” folder, thank you iphone. At least HTC displays all my images via their app folder, Line, Whatsapp, Camera, Screenshots etc Sometimes I even get extra ones for the adverts! Although I prefer the previous version which listed the albums rather than giving them square icons of the last picture.

Still loving the availability of a back button too before anyone says otherwise. Not too sure of the Settings button hidden away in the top drop down menu, thats 2 clicks away rather than the one click when it was on the home screen.

Like having the quick shortcuts , when you drag the app icon into the ring, e.g camera icon into the HTC unlock ring. One step better is if I can view the previous shot as well without having to enter the passcode.

Finally, the possibility of doing a screen shot which was denied to me on my previous HTC and the usual ease of customising you don’ get on an iphone.

Doesn’t crash, only gripe is when tweeting sometimes it’s stuck on an infinite loop(sending….mode) and I just kill it in the task manager. Also the G+ that came with the phone doesnt’ actually work, and when I update it gives me another version…please either replace it or don’t add it into the bundle, thanks. Probably the only phone that I don’t download many utility apps for as it’s own pre installed stuff is good enouhg. Weather, keyboard, calendar, widget options date and time displaying etc


Love the phone, as not many people have it. =p

Battery life is poor, but nothing that can’t be solved with an external battery pack that I bought in HK. Gives me one whole new charge. HTC would have been better off with allowing a removable battery/SD card, but then it would probably sacrifice the interesting material used for the casing.

Woul love a HTC One, but for now this will do. =) xXx

TVB When Heaven Burns Quick Review

As all TVB series come nowadays, it’s still slow, boring and littered with a flaky storyline and rubbish situations and unrealistic endings and weak morality drivel. But it’s not like i’m expecting much anyway, so moving on. Although the premise is different and TVB are treading over new ground with cannibalism and focus on “music is my life”…a rubbish take on it though. Contains spoilers and of course it’s just my opinion.

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Defined by your job? (Article)

Probably one of the most uninspiring pieces of drivel I’ve read through in a long while….


I rarely buy fashion magazines, believe it or not when i do it’s because of the articles rather than “what’s on trend”, but another day for that.

Perusing the aisle I decided to grab a copy of Company (on sale for £1), and thought I’ll treat myself to a copy of Elle. I’m intrigued what they both have to offer and why one can be priced at £3.80 and and the other at £1. I’m sure both contain lovely images of ladies fashion.

Looking past the first 30 pages of advertisement in Elle, I can see how this magazine can make it’s revenue; I then fell upon this article much later in the magazine.

“Are You Defined by What you do?”

Interesting title, I assume Elle is aimed at the more higher end of the market and ladies who are much like “Devil Wears Prada”, strong, bitchy and no regrets in making their success.

So I read….and read…..apart from empathy and facing similar questions myself…..this person was clearly ignorant and sounded exactly like the people who she was looking down upon. Someone who was only willing to work in their dream job and thought it was owed to them.

I can draw many parallels with this person, I was (and still am) a young, female, well educated person who had a brief period of unemployment.

A lot of points in this “interview” made my eyes roll. I sympathise with her about her experience at the JCP, it is a horrible place where you are treated like a scrounger when you’re just claiming what’s needed to get by. The last thing you need is someone who isn’t probably as educated or skilled as you to belittle you and give you the third degree about why you haven’t got a job.

Now roll on the silly expectations and general ignorance. I’m just worried that regular readers of Elle are probably agreeing to all this and sympathising with the woman on all cases.

“…last three months I have applied for more than 25 mainly PR positions…”

– wow ok, lets calculate that, 25 over 3 months, that’s 10 per month?, around 3 applications per week?. I’m sorry, but although I don’t expect a job hunter to be sending hundreds of CV’s out per week, all about quality not quantity. But I would expect a decent application per day is plausible, maybe 2 days per application if they’re all really long.

“….mainly PR positions in Charities or NFP organisations….Mostly, they don’t even bother to acknowledge your application.”

– sorry buttercup, not if you’re aware of Charities and Third sector organisations. Just because you’re previous employment was at a housing association =/= NFP. You’d think charities main aim was to gain funding in order to sustain themselves rather than cloth themselves in glamour and spend money on marketing to show people they care.

– next point, small charities run a tight budget and like many organisations even in large companies, you won’t even get a rejection letter, not sure what you were expecting there really.

“….try to volunteer my services…..but all they will allow me to do is fundraise. I do not want to stand on a street jingling a collection pot.”

– oooh sor-ry. But the notion of fundraising by just jingling a pot is akin the the myth my relatives ask me when I told them I work for  charity ” … you work for a charity…does that mean you don’t get paid?…” *facepalms~*. Clearly “work” and “volunteering” mean the same when were talking about NFP’s…..

– not sure about what fundraising the lady in question actually refers to, but I can tell you our in-house fundraiser is probably one of the busiest (and one of the higher paid) staff in the organisation.

Fundraising doesn’t always mean generating money by street crawling, it does actually mean several very long winded applications for grants and so on. Imagine your average graduate application for a corporate company, then double that, and then redo it again for the next round(s). That’s your average application for ONE grant. Now imagine having to research these grants about what you are allowed to apply for and in what context they will give you the money, is it restricted? will it be in installments? how will they audit how you spent the money? These are not easy tasks and most of the time smaller organisations will have to complete up to 10 applications only to have one small grant. Also don’t forget all the other small organisations and big NFP’s also applying to the same small pot of money.

I don’t expect her to take any job as she clearly states. Which is true, if you have good skills, it’s a waste of your skill set and you take away a low skilled job which could have been given to someone who otherwise does not have high skill level as you. But clearly she would have needed better careers advice about where her skills can be applied and other roles she could adapt them in.

Conclusoin of this article,’I’m still stuck in a rut, I’m losing confidence but i’m still sticking to my guns and looking for PR jobs’. Clearly the title of “Are you Defined by What you do” should be more “You choose to be defined by what you do” I hope the article is written with some sort of irony as this lady has refused to mould and adapt to her situation and find a job to make use of her skill set. She admits that losing her job was losing herself, fair enough I like my job too, but clinging onto something that is clearly causing you grief is hanging on to a bad partner.

I like happy endings, hopefully her strategy of sticking to her guns has paid off and she has found her PR job somewhere. It would have been nice to see her rise from the ashes and move on and actually be happier in another role in order to realise her job does not mean she can ONLY be a PR person, or perhaps she can realise that volunteering or accepting a lower ranked role will get her to the position she wanted. Always best to get your foot in the door if you can.

This article was of someone complaining she’s been hard done and not doing much else to help her situation. Not exactly inspiring or motivating, I’m surprised to read such an article in Elle I was looking forward to something more empowering (Company had some good articles), I hope women don’t just read this and agree that she should still stick to her guns about wanting a high ranked role and to accept anything less would be a waste and she should just stay unemployed and continue to squeam at going to the JCP in her Chanel mascara.

The Ruins (film)

Just some quick notes about the film while it’s being broadcasted on BBC1 right now.

Started watching from about halfway, how hard can it be to pick up the story line?

So the first thing I see is a girl causing the demise of a fellow traveller. She causes the locals to freak out and does nothing to remove herself or diffuse the situation. Guy tries to intervene/diffuse and gets an arrow to the chest and a headshot for his efforts. Girl still freaks out and does nothing to diffuse the situation.

Travellers run up the pyramid and a guy falls down into the pyramid and breaks his back.

Same girl goes back down the pyramid and Mayans don’t let her leave, she gets hysterical and throws some leaves which hit a local kid. Locals go nuts and headshot the boy, girl gets more hysterical and they go back up the pyramid.

The two girls go down the well to bring the guy with the broken back up the well. Guys reasoning is that they have the strength to winch them up. Then what happens is almost like a joke. The board for the guy to lie in is lowered and the girls actually pick up the guy causing him to bend his back several times before they lower him onto the board.

Just a general knowledge thing haven’t they seen enough happenings where the patient needs to be rolled onto the board not two skinny girls picking him up by either ends……….anyways moving on.

So they manage to winch the guy and girls back up and then the next morning they realise the plants are alive and crawling into them, for the broken back dude, actually eating away at his legs to the bone.

So after the girl who’s caused the demise of a a few people in the movie, she causes more grief after the girl with the plant inside her goes insane and accuses her of sleeping around which in turn causes the plants to stealthily sneak up on the broken back dude (who was conveniently placed near the moving plants which the other travellers saw already inch closer, but meh) and suffocate him.

Next morning the only medic experience person cuts open the infected girl and pulls out vines, but it’s too late and they’re still swirling around her.

This is now the last 5 minutes of the film.

Infected girl goes nuts from the vines and starts cutting herself up and the guys try to stop her, she cuts one and stabs the other in the chest. She then begs to be killed and the guy with a cut decides that just the girl should live while he creates a diversion.

So in 5 minutes the girl who has caused the demise of innocent people (kid and traveller trying to save her) gets away and drives off.

Ben Stiller as Exec Producer for this film……not sure if it was suppose to be a shot of black comedy, good gore and squeamish but …….cliché is cliché. You manage to kill off the rest of the main cast and leave one survivor, I guess she’s burden enough to stick to your mind rather than have a supporting character be the only survivor, because there is always only ever one survivor.


I wouldn’t watch it again…….thank goodness I only caught it halfway.