TVB When Heaven Burns Quick Review

As all TVB series come nowadays, it’s still slow, boring and littered with a flaky storyline and rubbish situations and unrealistic endings and weak morality drivel. But it’s not like i’m expecting much anyway, so moving on. Although the premise is different and TVB are treading over new ground with cannibalism and focus on “music is my life”…a rubbish take on it though. Contains spoilers and of course it’s just my opinion.

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Defined by your job? (Article)

Probably one of the most uninspiring pieces of drivel I’ve read through in a long while…. I rarely buy fashion magazines, believe it or not when i do it’s because of the articles rather than “what’s on trend”, but another day for that. Perusing the aisle I decided to grab a copy of Company (on sale for £1), and thought I’ll treat myself to a copy of Elle. I’m intrigued what they both have to offer and why one can be priced at £3.80 and and the other at £1. I’m sure both contain lovely images of ladies fashion. Looking … Continue reading Defined by your job? (Article)

The Ruins (film)

Just some quick notes about the film while it’s being broadcasted on BBC1 right now. Started watching from about halfway, how hard can it be to pick up the story line? So the first thing I see is a girl causing the demise of a fellow traveller. She causes the locals to freak out and does nothing to remove herself or diffuse the situation. Guy tries to intervene/diffuse and gets an arrow to the chest and a headshot for his efforts. Girl still freaks out and does nothing to diffuse the situation. Travellers run up the pyramid and a guy … Continue reading The Ruins (film)